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Michael Lynch was a Clarinet player in the Band 1 Southern Brigade but also played and conducted Da Buttera for many years.  A fine musician and excellent conductor who also brought the Band many successes.  Michael was a perfectionist in his playing and conducting and lead the Band to a very high standard.  He is even featured in the 1979 RTÉ Series: Country Brass.  One could not leave out Mick!

Famous Conductors of The Cork Butter Exchange Brass & Reed Band

Da Buttera - 1928
Da Buttera - Late 1990s
Da Buttera - St. Patrick's Day 70's
Army Band 1 of the Southern Brigade circa 1995
Da Buttera - 1905
Da Buttera marching off - 1984


The first Conductor and founder of the Band was Fr. Mc Namara.


In the 1890’s Mr. P. W. Minton a Clarinet player was the Conductor of the Band.  He also conducted the Orchestra on the Palace Theatre, and was regarded as a very well respected musician, he was well known for his bowler hat.  The Band  continued to grow under Mr. Minton and on the death of Mr. Minton many letter were received offering condolences to the band.  One letter from John Higgins of the Boston Post states: I can recall happy days when Mr Minton led your band in the Cork Exhibition 1902-1903.  The Examiner reported that large crowds followed his funeral to the Cemetery.

After the death of Mr. Minton the next Conductor was Stephen Gargan.  Members of the band referred to Stephen as been born and reared in the band room. Stephan conductor the band from 1926 until his death in 1951.  Stephen was a Piccolo player and an excellent teacher and  musician.  Members also said that Stephen had the library of the band in his head he knew the band so well.  Under the Baton of Stephen the band won the Feis Matiu many times.

Jack Marshall became the Conductor of the Band in 1951.  Jack was an Oboe player with the then Army No. 1 Band of the Southern Command.  Jack retired from the army in 1947 and became more involved with civilian bands.  One of the highlights for Jack conducting the band was the Eucharistic Procession.  Jack Marshall is probably the best remembered Conductor of the Band.

In 1983 after the retirement of Jack, Dinny Driscoll became the Conductor of the Band, Dinny joined the band in 1942.  Taught by Stephen Gargan Dinny mastered many instruments,  and was very involved in the teaching of the young members. Dinny also held position on the committee and was Librarian of the Band.  Dinny son, Gerard also played in the band and was an excellent percussionist.

Herbie Hendrick took up the Baton after the retirement of Dinny in the 1990s. Herbie joined the band in 1940s and remains as our conductor some 57 years later.  Herbie is a Cornet player and instrumentalist.  He can turn his hand to just about any Brass instrument and is also very talented on the Saxophone and Drums.  Herbie is extremely dedicated to the Band, not only conducting, playing and teaching but also arranging music specifically for the Band.   One would be hard pressed to find a member of the Band who wasn't taught by Herbie at some stage.

The Murphy Butter Exchange Band - 1990s

Other Conductors were Michael Lynch and Con Donovan, also army musicians. Con Donovan was a French Horn player and Sergeant in the then Army No. 1 Band of the Southern Command.  Con was well know by most Bands around the county as he at one point or another conducted it seems all of them.  Con lead Da Buttera to many successes in competitions and as well as being a fine conductor, he also arranged a lot of music for Brass & Reed Bands.  It is hard to find a Band that is not using some of his music in their repertoire.   Con was also very skilled with his hands.  Most French Horns nowadays are F/Bb Horns however Con only had an old F French Horn.  Not to be detered Con modified his F French Horn adding the extra tubing and trigger to turn it into a F/Bb French Horn.  A man of may talents who is missed by may a Band throughout the County.

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