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Down through the years, the uniform of the band changed in many ways, in the early years, (circa1885) the uniform consisted of a pill box hat, woollen style black tunic with braiding and a black trousers with piping down the leg. Between the years 1905 and 1910 the band changed its uniform again. The style of the hat worn had a white peak and the uniform now had a gold stripe down the side of the pants.


This was the uniform the band wore until the 1970s when a black jacket with a lang yard was introduced, the band crest which is the lyre and shamrock was now seen on the sleeve of the jacket.


In the 1980’s Murphy’s Brewery took over the sponsorship of the Band and the uniform change completely.  At this time the Band had a wine jacket, wine hat and grey pants.  The Band’s name was changed again to “The Murphy’s Butter Exchange Brass & Reed Band”.


In the 1990’s the Band again changed it uniform the a wine jacket, black pants white shirt and black tie.  It was felt that the uniform was more modern and easier to replace when members joined.  This uniform is still been used today, though due to wear and tear blazers colour has been changed to maroon and our band crest and name is now embroided onto the blazer breast pocket.   


For outdoor recitals we now have the option of a black winter jacket which we have made great use of since its addition in 2009.  The jacket also has the band crest and name embroided on the breast pocket.


In 2013 we updated uniform once again with the addition of wollen hats to replace the wine hats which were destroyed due to flooding following the exessive cold spell during the winter of 2010.   The new hats also have the band creast and name embroided onto the front.  The hats are available to members of the public for purchase for the price of €10.

Uniforms of The Cork Butter Exchange Band

Da Buttera - 1978
Da Buttera - 1990s
Da Buttera - 1990s
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